FCA Software Features

Funding Optimization

  • Helps you to justify your renewal needs
  • Obtain Funding
  • Make best use of available funds
  • Prioritize work based on criticality
  • Maintain balanced FCI across all assets

Criticality Heatmap

  • Color-coded heat map provides a one page summary
  • Prioritizes based on a proven six-point weighted calculation
  • No need to read lengthy reports
  • One map explains it all!

Funding Scenarios

  • Unlimited what-if funding scenarios for better decision making
  • Superimpose the scenarios that best meet your needs

Target FCI

  • Select a target FCI
  • Calculate funding needed to achieve it

Standard and Custom Reports

  • Standard library reports
  • Build your own templates in minutes

Preventative Maintainance

  • Streamline your preventive maintenance program
  • Build your own templates in minutes

Work Orders

  • Automate, simplify, and control the work order process
  • Eliminate the need to return to an office desktop to complete time-sensitive work