Still relying on guesswork for funding allocation?

Automate funding optimization and get balanced Facility Condition Index (FCI)

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Does your facility renewal plan prioritize work based on criticality?

Optimize your capital spending by placing what’s most critical at the top; whether that’s code compliance upgrades or repairing HVAC.

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What’s in it for you?

Consider us the caretakers of your buildings. From comprehensive FCA to maintaining your data current to optimizing your fundings - we take care of everything.

Optimize funding across various assets and within assets

Optimize funding across various assets and within assets

Optimize your funding, save on renewal costs, reduce breakdowns, streamline maintenance and operations by applying a scientific and proactive approach towards your facility management. Allocate funds based on scientific priorities.

Have information at your fingertips!

Have information at your fingertips!

Have current data about your assets at all times and improve your decision making process. Access to qualitative and quantitative data allowing decision-makers to focus on the key issues and make quality decisions.

Integrate FCA with Operations

Integrate FCA with Operations

Integrate FCA data with Preventative Maintenance, Work-orders, Project Management for holistic planning at all times. Get email notifications and reminders!

Incorporate sustainability and net zero targets in your plans

Incorporate sustainability and net zero targets in your plans

Improve your building’s sustainability, identify energy conservation measures, implement advanced heat recovery and on-site renewable energy, reduce carbon footprint and achieve net zero goals!

Get your complete Facility Condition Assessment

Get your complete Facility Condition Assessment

Maintain your facilities in good condition by having accurate and comprehensive FCA which lead to reliable strategic decisions.

Build your customised Preventative Maintenance (PM) plan

Build your customised Preventative Maintenance (PM) plan

Reduce breakdown, implement Planned Preventative Maintenance (PM). Build your customised PM plan or adopt best practices, execute PM, trigger email notifications, monitor, update and record all PM.

Generate reports in minutes!

Generate reports in minutes!

Unlimited reports based on current data anytime 24/7! Choose from standard library reports or build your custom report in minutes with no programming knowledge required.

Make decisions based on accurate current data and not old obsolete data!

Make decisions based on accurate current data and not old obsolete data!

Still relying on the static data? Your FCA data should be a living document. Maintain your data live to reflect current state of asset and current needs. See FCI and colour coded heat map update live!

Stuck with Inaccurate Data on your Building Assessment?

Upgrade facility data to level 4 accuracy with ASTM Uniformat II, structure your data, achieve consistent economic evaluation, accurate data based on standards and good engineering practice and not based on judgements. Accurate data leads to winning decisions!

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Who are we?

We are an ISO 9001 registered company with almost 4 decades of experience in transforming the built environment across Canada, North America and Japan. We’ve been reshaping the way organizations gather and analyze asset information effectively and efficiently. We are the industry leaders in Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) with thousands of satisfied clients!

Helping companies make better capital decisions

Why we do what we do?

We believe that buildings are the core of organizations, allowing you to serve people across the community. Buildings and their systems get older day by day and need assessment, maintenance and renewal. Renewal funds are always short supply, so we help you to optimize it and do work based on accurate priorities.

Nadine International



Find our software reliable, all-inclusive, and absolutely compliant.


Checklists Developed

For building elements/Uniformat II elements, and conducting comprehensive assessment of all building elements.

We are here to help with customised solutions tailored to your needs. We have helped clients by changing breakdown maintenance to proactive maintenance, helping in planning asset management with scientifically proven systems, integrate FCA with maintenance and work orders. Maintain all data current. We empower you to effectively manage your facilities in an optimum manner!


Nadine Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Software

What if prioritization of capital projects becomes data-driven and defensible?
Our Criticality Assessment Heat Map (CAHM) system prioritizes work by assigning priority numbers from 1 to 100. CAHM uses a unique and proven six-point weighted calculation method to obtain accurate, data driven priorities and defensible results.


Funding Optimization

  • Helps you to justify your renewal needs
  • Obtain Funding
  • Make best use of available funds
  • Prioritize work based on criticality
  • Maintain balanced FCI across all assets
Funding Optimization

Criticality Heatmap

  • Color-coded heat map provides a one page summary
  • Prioritizes based on a proven six-point weighted calculation
  • No need to read lengthy reports
  • One map explains it all!
Criticality Heatmap

Funding Scenarios

  • Unlimited what-if funding scenarios for better decision making
  • Superimpose the scenarios that best meet your needs
Funding Scenarios

Target FCI

  • Select a target FCI
  • Calculate funding needed to achieve it
Target FCI

Standard and Custom Reports

  • Standard library reports
  • Build your own templates in minutes
Standard and Custom Reports

Preventative Maintainance

  • Streamline your preventive maintenance program
  • Build your own templates in minutes
Preventative Maintainance

Work Orders

  • Automate, simplify, and control the work order process
  • Eliminate the need to return to an office desktop to complete time-sensitive work
Work Orders
  • No complex training needed

    No complex training needed

  • Immediate Personal support, Just a call away

    Immediate Personal support, Just a call away

  • Tailored to your need solutions

    Tailored to your need solutions

  • 100% Guarantee. Don’t pay if you’re not satisfied

    100% Guarantee. Don’t pay if you’re not satisfied

  • Try before use. <br/> Get a free trial customized as per your business

    Try before use.
    Get a free trial customized as per your business

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Imagine a world where you’re able to…

  • Understand how your facilities rank based on industry-standard metrics.
  • Have live integrated facility data at your fingertips and generate reports in minutes.
  • Proactively identify the threats that can halt the operation of your facility.
  • Prioritize the most crucial items for maintenance and renewal.
  • Optimize your funding based on data-driven facility assessment.
  • Reduce the cost of operations by making energy-efficient changes.
  • Achieve net zero targets by reducing carbon footprint in your facility.

Nadine International

Why Nadine? Here’s a Proof

  • 20,000+

    Facilities Using Nadine
  • 500

    Million Sq Feet Inspected Annually
  • 95%

    Customer Retention Rate
  • Unlimited

    Users supported by Nadine Software

"We’ve been able to save at least 10% of our operational costs. Nadine’s sharp approach to our facility assessment along with their intelligent FCA software; made it all possible! A strong and strategic asset management plan comes naturally to us now."

Tom Kovendi

Director of Engineering and Facilities, Headwaters Healthcare Centre

"Nadine does an excellent job of realizing our needs and exceeding our expectations. The FCA software helps us streamline our operations and allows us to move on to things much quicker than we normally would. I would recommend Nadine to any other company."

Domanique Mamaliti

CEO, Manning Ltd.

"Nadine’s software has saved me significant time which I can now use to address other essential matters. The software is very user-friendly, which was my biggest support factor while choosing it. It has definitely met all our needs."

Mwarigha Muliwa

Vice- president, WoodGreen Community Homes

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Move your gears towards a strategic facility management planning and funding optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Nadine, a software or engineering firm?

    Nadine is multi-disciplined engineering firm with state of the art asset management software. The software provides live FCA data with ability to maintain it current and sync it with the maintenance, operations and strategic asset plannings.

  • What is the team at Nadine like?

    Nadine is an ISO: 9001 certified organization and winner of Consulting Engineers award of excellence. Team includes more than 150 multi-disciplined, experienced and certified engineers and a dynamic software team who helped thousands of satisfied clients in managing their assets with FCA and software technology solutions.

  • Why is FCI so important?

    FCI is an indicator of the health of a building, asset or facility. It is tells you if your asset is in good, fair, poor or critical condition. It tells you if it is worth renewing the asset or replacing it. It tells you how to prioritize the renewals within an asset or across a portfolio of assets. It is an industry standard benchmark, and tells you where your asset stands as compared to others and helps you to get to where you like to see it!

  • Do I need a specialized training to use Nadine software?

    Nadine software is very intuitive and easy to use. Most users get familiar with it in few hours. We also have a dedicated call centre to help when you need.

  • What is FCA, BCA, BCR, PCA? Are they same?

    Facility Condition Assessment (FCA), Building Condition Assessment (BCA) and Building Condition Report (BCR) and Property Condition Assessment (PCA) are different terms used for FCA.

  • We don’t have any issues managing our assets, why do we need Nadine?

    Our services and solutions help you improve decision-making, optimize your funding, maintain your data current and reduce your asset management cost by approximately 10%

  • Which types of buildings does Nadine provide services?

    We provide services to all types of occupancies including but not limited to arenas, airports, commercial, industrial, institutional, hospitals, multi-purpose facilities, residential, retail, schools, universities, water and waste water management for government and non-government clients.

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