Headwaters Healthcare Centre

Saved at least 10% of the operational costs

Client Name: Headwaters Healthcare Centre

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Solution Provided: Facility Condition Assessment Software

The Company

Headwaters operates as an acute and complex continuing care facility, offering both inpatient and outpatient services, as well as an Emergency Department with 24/7 coverage. With over 700 staff and over 160 physicians, the hospital is accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada.

We’ve been able to save at least 10% of our operational costs. Nadine’s sharp approach to our facility assessment along with their intelligent FCA software; made it all possible! A strong and strategic asset management plan comes naturally to us now.

Tom Kovendi, Director of Engineering and Facilities

The Challenge

  • It is a challenging job for busy hospitals to execute their projects seamlessly, with priorities changing every minute due to factors such as safety, failure consequence, life cycle, infection control, disruption to operations, failure risk, safety, code requirement, or simply program requirements. 
  • Limited funding also becomes a big challenge in the optimum allocation of funds to such projects. To keep the assets in a good state of repair, accurate prioritization of assets based on current data, and maintaining a balanced FCI, is definitely the need of the hour.

The Solution

  • Our multi-disciplined engineering team upgraded facility condition assessment data to an accuracy of level 4 of ASTM Uniformat. 
  • Criticality assessment heat map (CAHM) which is a very refined, non-subjective prioritization system was applied to all requirements. The CAHM provides a priority number to each requirement which ranges from 0 to 100, where 0 is most critical and 100 is least and helps organize the requirements based on priorities. 
  • Further, data was hosted on our live software, and updates were captured instantly to have current data all the time. 
  • With all the accurate and current data loaded in the software, our state of art Funding Optimization feature helped identify the most deserving projects to be executed based on available funds and current data, and not just based on historic paper reports. 
  • Nadine’s team helped Headwaters throughout the process to implement this optimized capital renewal strategy which resulted in the best utilization of funds, mitigated safety issues, and ensured operational effectiveness.

The Result

  • 10% reduction in the operational costs
  • A balanced FCI
  • Improved operational effectiveness
  • Optimum utilization of funds
  • Facility maintained in a good state of repair