October 3, 2019

Nadine International’s Fibro-Laser Technology: Winner of the 2008 Ontario Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence

The coal handling facility at Nanticoke Generating Station utilizes a clean-burning coal known as PRB (Powder River Basin).  PRB coal is highly self-ignitable and has been a source of concern for many years within the coal industry throughout the world. Because of this, in 2003, Nadine International was retained to upgrade the existing fire protection system in the station.

The key requirement of Nadine International’s design was to develop a solution to facilitate the detection of moving and stationary fires along 44 km of conveyors travelling at 600 feet per minute. The fire detection system had to be reliable, accurate, provide early warning of a possible fire condition, meet various industry Codes and Standards, withstand a harsh environment, and require a minimum amount of maintenance.

After extensive research and testing, Nadine International designed a new and unique fire detection system using a fiber optic linear detection system in an application, which was the first to be installed in the world. This cable can detect a fire within one meter of accuracy anywhere along the 44 km of conveyor systems, can provide early warning of a possible fire to the operators, and can automatically activate a water suppression system within the fire area.

fibrolaser pic

Fibro-Laser Installation on an Outdoor Conveyor

In July of 2007, Nadine International witnessed the Final Commissioning of this innovative technology, which has been operating successfully since installation, much to the satisfaction of the Client and regulatory agencies.

The use of this technology in detecting a fast-moving fire will save lives and reduce personal injuries; will reduce air, soil, and water pollution; and will minimize property damage and business interruption.

In 2008, Nadine International won the Ontario Consulting Engineering Award of Excellence for this system.